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Cylinder Repair and Service

We offer comprehensive cylinder repair out of Alexandria, LA. We remanufacture and provide diagnostic analysis on various brands of hydraulic cylinders. If you think that your hydraulic cylinder needs to be fixed or is not working as well as it should, then get in touch with our team and we will help you solve your problem. We are experienced in repairs ranging from a simple re-seal job to completely replacing tubing, shafts, pistons, heads, ports, eyes/clevis, etc. We have customers all over central Louisiana!

We sell and service the following brands of hydraulic pumps and cylinders: Eaton, Parker Hannifin, Sagnaw, Luk, Vickers and ZF Industries.

Custom-Designed Cylinders

We are committed to efficient performance and long-lasting results for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repairs.


Electro-Hydraulic systems eliminate the need for separate hydraulic pumps and tubing, simplifying system architectures and improving safety and reliability.


Electro-Pneumatic systems allows mounting of valve directly on cylinder cap. This eliminates leaks and piping problems as well as providing for simplified installation and maintenance.

Low-Pressure Hydraulic

A number of problems can occur simply due to the fluid level being low. For example, not having enough fluid may cause parts to starve for oil or allow air to be sucked into your system.

High-Pressure Hydraulic

Most hydraulic systems are designed to operate within a preset pressure range. This range is a function of the forces the actuators in the system must generate to do the required work.